Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First things first

Здравейте! (Hello!)

This is the blog for The Razgrad/Varna Immerse team! We decided to start a blog to keep all of our families, friends, stalkers, etc. up to date on how we're doing, in preparation and also the trip itself. The name of our blog, we hope, will set the tone for it: we want it to be open, raw, emotive, and concrete. We want you to see what's it's like. 

So, the trip. We are going to Razgrad & Varna, both of which are cities in Bulgaria. We are going as part of a larger effort known as Immerse, in which there are 5 teams being sent to various locations across Eastern Europe. Most of these teams will be spending 12 weeks in one location. Ours is a little different, as we will be spending about 5 weeks in Razgrad, and then spending the remaining 7 weeks in Varna. The other teams are going to:
Sofia, Bulgaria
Vidrare, Bulgaria
Sighisoara, Romania ( 
Gorre, Albania
We would love to tell you what we'll be doing in Razgrad/Varna, but... we don't really know yet! Our understanding is that we will be helping with a church plant in Varna, and our time in Razgrad will be in preparation for that.
Here is our team:

From left to right: Jake Resor; Bailey Bussell; Katelyn Hays; Graham Scott

Bailey Bussell is a Sophomore Religion Major
Katelyn Hays is a Sophomore Social Work Major
Jake Resor is a Junior Religion Major
Graham Scott is a Sophomore Religion & History Major

Future posts will most likely be written by each of us individually, so.. ya. That's it.

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